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My name is Johanne Benoit-Gallagher, translator and owner of PRIMA Translation. We provide language services to individuals and businesses who wish to communicate effectively with Canadian Francophones. We do so by combining expert English-French language skills with a sound knowledge of life science, creativity, education, psychology, marketing and corporate communications.

Our goal is to facilitate and enhance communication while creating a smooth and pleasant business experience. Over the years, Prima Translation has successfully attracted loyal clients, both locally and internationally.

Johanne Benoit


As a translation provider, Prima Translation’s mission is to simplify the translation process for clients so they can focus on achieving their objectives in a timely manner. Here are some of the various types of projects that our clients entrust to us:

  • Transcreation of marketing material
  • Translation and proofreading of documents inthe fields of life science, creativity, education, psychology, marketing and corporate communications
  • Web localization
  • Translation of specialized glossaries
  • Language verification
  • Translation and proofreading of informed consent documents for clinical research
  • Language adaptation of medical documents for patients or health professionals

In translation, even the smallest misunderstanding can have important consequences. For this reason, we listen to client expectations and draw on the expertise of a small team of hand-picked linguists to offer personalized quality services.


If you have a question about the French language, about terminology, how to harmonize your message for Canada or want to discuss the scope of your French language project, consulting is the best solution. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please email or use the contact form below for an appointment.


We handle different types of projects, some of which require little preparation while others involve significant background work. Whether we are proofreading a newsletter, translating an article, localizing a medical questionnaire or verifying language equivalence, the following process is our guide.

Project analysis

To understand client expectations and determine project requirements.


To get familiar with the tone of the source text, establish a glossary and a translation memory when needed.


The project is translated, proofread, localized and/or verified.

Final delivery

Taking into account client feedback, the text is finalized.

Client feedback

The work is sent to the client who has an opportunity to review the work and to comment on it.
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